For those who are waiting for their true love to come. For those are confused about if it's love or not.

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Flamming, bashing, or False Reporting will NOT be allowed. Double posts, triple posts, etc, also will NOT be allowed. Harrasment will not be tolereated, either. Doing any of these might get you an infraction, or a ban. BUMP stands for Bring Up My Post. This is well known on many forums. If you were the last one to post, you must wait 24 hours to BUMP your thread and post again. You may only BUMP your own threads, and anyone other than you may not BUMP your threads.Thread HijackingThe act of taking over someone Else's thread, this is not allowed, and action will be taken.FavoritismFavoritism of members, staff members, groups, etc. is not allowed. Favoritism usually leads to negative behavior and hurt feelings. Anyone expressing Favoritism will be addressed immediately.PlagiarismPlagiarism is NOT allowed on VMKUnleashed Forums, this is when you take credit for anyone else's artwork, writing, etc. If you are quoting something from another member, site, etc. please give credit to that person/place, please get all places approved by staff members.Backseat ModeratingBackseat Moderating as when you as a member does the job of a moderator or other staff member. Your backseat moderating only creates spam and is not necessary. If you see something that is not allowed, please report it instead of posting saying that it isn't allowed.Begging for StuffDo not request stuff for free on VMKUnleashed or in real life, however, volunteer donations are allowed, you can't ask for them, but if players volunteer to give you stuff for free, you are perfectly allowed to accept the offer. Likewise, you may not make threads requesting for, or begging for nomination in events, contests, etc.Chain Mail and LettersThese kinds of messages are usually made up by one person and sent to many others saying that if they don't pass it on, they will be cursed if you do not send the message to a certain amount of people. If you are told to send an unrealistic message to a certain amount of people, please do not, and report the person who sent it to you so that the proper action is taken.Sharing Multiple AccountsYou are allowed one account. Multiple accounts are not allowed, and will be deleted if we find them, you are allowed family accounts, and sharing an account it is highly not a good idea.SignaturesA signature must not be any bigger than 700 x 250. A big signature causes forum clutter (which we don't want). The image below is exactly 700 x 250. Everything in your signature (including text) must fit in the box shown below. If you want to know how big your signature is, right click on the image and click properties and then it will tell you how big the image is in pixels. Please know that any staff member has the right to remove your signature at anytime if it breaks any of the rules. Please do your best to keep it inside the box above. We will not make you size it down or remove it if you are a couple pixels too big.Politics/ReligionVMKUnleashed and the VMKU Forums understand how important politics, and religions are to you. Though we do ask that you keep your topics about these limited to social groups and PM's though if you are harrassing someone through PM's that is a violation and breaks this rule.Public AffectionPublic Affection is the act of showing love or taking personal relationships unto the site. These are not allowed in your username or in posts/threads. You are allowed however to use our PM service to display affection and profile messages but posting and making threads, as well as a username with it in there is not allowed.Name ChangesName changes on the forums are only once per 1 month. This is to cause less spam and to reduce confusion between site members. IF you would like to change it and you are eligible, PM a staff member, and we'd gladly change it for you.Private MessagingPrivate messages are the sole responsibility of the person the message was sent to. Meaning private messages are bound to contain PG-13 content and lower, UNLESS the person the message was sent to s found offensive.

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